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Latest Press Releases

2 November, 2023
Asendia marks the continuation of its sustainability journey with new…

Press Release 2nd November 2023  |  Asendia

Since 2000, the fashion industry has doubled production, and in 2014 exceeded 100 billion…

25 September, 2023
Renaud Marlière announced as Asendia UK’s new CEO

Press Release 21st September 2023  |  Asendia

Today, Asendia UK, the cross-border ecommerce specialist, announces Renaud Marlière as its new…

26 July, 2023
Asendia announces a new strategic organisation of Asendia Group

Press Release 26th July 2023 | 

Asendia announces a new strategic organisation of Asendia Group to strengthen its position in e-commerce…

5 July, 2023
Asendia’s e-PAQ Returns: the ultimate solution as six in ten…

Press Release 4th July 2023 | Paris, France 

e-PAQ Returns is a comprehensive end-to-end solution which complements the panel of…

8 June, 2023
Lou Milicevic speaks with the Australian Financial Review about the…

In the May 25, 2023, edition of the Australian Financial Review, Lou Milicevic, managing director of Asendia Oceania, contributed his…

28 March, 2023
Authenticity is now a key new driver of revenue and loyalty for…

Press Release 27th March 2023 | Paris, France 

Authenticity is now a key new driver for revenue and loyalty among global shoppers as the…

20 March, 2023
Asendia announces its 2022 offset official certification

Press Release 20th March 2023 | Paris, France

Asendia's 100% carbon neutrality achievement is officially certified

? In 2022, Asendia…

20 March, 2023
Asendia Launches e-PAQ Select for Oceania E-commerce Market

Asendia’s new, economically optimised and faster delivery service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative for e-commerce…

17 February, 2023
Asendia and Omniva: committed to develop e-commerce worldwide

Asendia and Omniva, the Estonian National Postal Operator, have signed a strategic partnership that will help e-tailers expand their sales…

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